About us


International Label.
Production Recording Studio
Resident Sound Engineer Andrea Mari
Hit Beat Records is an independent label founded in 2007
He collaborated with: Sony Music/EPIC, Universal Music, Zyx (Germany), Vale Music (Spain) The Saifam Group and more…

In 2011 the labels attend again at MIDEM, proposing to the global music market their unmistakable sound and production. It began a several collaborations with international labels, artists and DJs like.

From 2012 begins to work with: SIMON VANDI Management (London) and KULT RECORDS (New York). From 2013 the publishing of Hit Beat Records are managed by THE SAIFAM GROUP (Italy). Sergio Mari (Owner Hit Beat Records) is also one of two executive producer and a/r hip hop for THE SAIFAM GROUP.

At the end of 2014 HIT BEAT RECORDS through its distribution agreements with BELIEVE DIGITAL counts more than 100 official releases distributed. Currently Hit Beat Records is an independent record label, with vast sounds libraries and high standard equipment for the professional production of all kinds of music; the owner “Sergio Mari” he is an SAIFAM art director for hip hop artists.

Hit Beat Records, it’s partner with “THE SAIFAM GROUP” for dance music; international collaborations (DJs, singers, management etc …) active; production of young artists pop and hip-hop; collaboration with “Sonics”, italian group of international fame acrobats, with the great partnership with Alessandro Pietrolini Verlicchi; music creation and post production of the web series “TRACKLIST! THE SERIES”; partner with “Gruppo G Comunicazione” (Alessandro Marino); partner of Sound Reveal (Michele Scotti), a new company of music production and learning (home recording workshop …) based in Turin.