Gruppo G Comunicazione


Gruppo G Comunicazione is an advertising agency that was founded in 1968, when it started its new adventure with “Miguel son mi!”, the Mexican of Talmone biscuits. It was the time of Carosello, vinyl records and Pop Art. Forty-five years have passed, but today its staff still works with the same enthusiasm of the first day, explores the full range of communication methods, relies on the most advanced technologies and is always ready to examine issues in depth and to evolve.

Working together, Hit Beat Records and Gruppo G are able to improve the public image of all artists and to design suitable communication strategies for their needs, using textual, aural, visual or web content. Creativity, professional competence, expertise, pragmatism, state-of-the-art technology are some of the cornerstones of this long-time partnership.
Gruppo G Comunicazione advises artists in each phase of their growth and makes its knowledge of new media available to them. It takes care of every aspect of the service, from the most classical and traditional to the most modern and revolutionary ones. And it helps them to express their talent to the utmost and achieve success.